Scrum? SAFe? Less? Kanban? Spotify?

It’s not about the hammer!

I’ve said it several times, and I’ll repeat the same idea using different analogies, and different symptoms of the same issue.

There are plenty of discussions, polls, and even verbal fights to defend this or that as “the best” agile way.

There are plenty of “you must do this”, “you must do that”.

If you are not doing “X” you are not agile.

Agile is failing, Scrum is failing, SAFE is not agile…

It strikes me why we are not seeing that same discussion in any other profession.

A writer is not good or bad because of the tool she’s using. For the sake of it, she can use MS Word, Markdown with vim and pandoc, or handwritting. As long as the book she writes is good.

You won’t hear anyone saying “ah, that book is good/bad because she was using MS Word!”

Changing tools !!

We have also seen how organisations expect that if they change their tools, their problems will be fixed.

So, we tried Scrum, did not work, Kanban will do.

We tried SAFe, didn’t work, Spotify will do (maybe because of the music?!? …just kidding).

That thing usually comes as well when people change.

New director, new “direction”.

As if my books are rubbish, changing Word by Vim will be the answer.

Ok, I get it. Changes may help, no matter what. Even if it’s just for the sake of changing. But keep in mind people resistance to change also grows after every failed attempt.

Focus on your craftsmanship

Every professional knows the value he creates is measured by the outcomes and impacts not by the tools he uses.

So, what if we focus on that?

You can use SAFe and create great outcomes. Or you can disguise in SAFe a crappy org, a crappy process and a crappy product strategy.

In the same way you can use Spotify to hear good or bad music (kidding again…).

But stop blaming the tool.

A great professional creates a great outcome with the tools at hand.

As long as you don’t try to paint drawings with a hammer….



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