Using Prune-The-Product-Tree game

Why I choose the game

  • “Our product is a living thing”. We don’t know now how it will become in the next season. Although we can make a hypothesis… and we can make some decisions on the tree growth (how we prune…)
  • “We need the fruits. They are what we eat. Our ROI. Our MPVs”. The roots are enablers, great. The branches are strategies to grow the fruits, great… but what we need for eating… are the fruits.
  • Invest in your roots… but balance your growth. (more on this later…)
  • “The next season’s growth and harvest, depends on today’s decisions”. No pressure, and we don’t know how the winter will be… but be aware pruning a branch today has an impact (don’t be too short sighted!). This also helps to start the conversation about “roadmapping”.

Big roots, small tree

Big roots… no fruit?

Unclear Vision

Too many branches

… or too few branches

The Watermelon

Next season…



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